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Date Posted: November 18, 2015      

From One Man’s Vision . . . to a Modern Powerhouse

Some 70 years ago, the late Abdul Latif Jameel opened a small trading business in the Red Sea town of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and being a pioneering entrepreneur, he approached Toyota Motor Corporation to import, initially, just four, of the Company’s early all-terrain vehicles. The increasing popularity of these vehicles led to our appointment as the first Toyota distributor in Saudi Arabia in 1955, a role we are still honored and privileged to hold today. Fast forward seven decades later, and we are now a globally respected business and a committed social entrepreneur. Positioned as the trusted investment partner for some of the world’s leading brands seeking to participate in our region’s potential.

In Search of Tomorrow’s Potential

In the spirit of our founder, we continue to seek out and explore new opportunities that unlock value and advance growth in our communities. Today, we’ve grown thoughtfully – engaging new strategic partnerships and building businesses where we see tangible possibilities for economic and social development. This rapid expansion and diversification has now taken us to 30 countries on five continents where we’ve created an infrastructure that allows us to create value from many angles and global trade across a number of industry sectors. These include:

automotive_and_engineering Transportation

Empowering individuals and business through passenger car, commercial vehicle, machinery and equipment distribution and ownership solutions. We are one of the world’s leading Toyota distributors, and represent six other leading passenger vehicle brands including Lexus and Ford. Our presence in the commercial vehicle and equipment sector supports the growth of the region’s infrastructure and we represent Hino, Komatsu, Toyota Industrial Equipment, Teksan, Ford Trucks, Raymond, BT and Manitou Group.

engineering_and_manufacturing_automotive Engineering and Manufacturing

We bring globally accredited vehicle parts and components to market supporting an integrated automotive value chain through our own engineering, development, manufacturing and assembly operations.

financial_services Financial Services

We offer vehicle financing and insurance, financing solutions for consumer products, commercial equipment and real estate.

land_and_realstate Land and Real Estate

We work with urban planners to create commercial and residential communities that will enrich the society they are in, with a particular focus on contemporary housing.

energy_and_enviornmental_services Energy and Environmental Services

We prioritize energy efficiency and reducing the consumption of finite resources by developing power infrastructure and generating sustainable power, using alternative resources such as photovoltaic solar power, and are exploring other renewable energies and also environmental services solutions.

consumer_products Consumer Products

Within our electronics business we represent key electronics and home appliance brands including Toshiba, Sharp and Bosch, alongside premium technology names like Apple. We are pioneering e-commerce in Saudi Arabia, and also offer technology consulting solutions to our commercial clients.

advertising_and_media Advertising and Media

We help our brand partners engage with audiences across the MENAT region through our advertising and marketing agency DelphysME, which provides advertising and communications solutions for today’s modern world, adopting AI technology to deliver immersive and experiential engagement.